Man breaks into family's home while mother and children are inside

Posted at 5:29 PM, Jun 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-12 08:06:33-04

It was a mother’s worst nightmare. In a bold break-in at 8:00 am Friday morning, a burglar stole $60 in cash and a family’s sense of safety.

“It was absolutely terrifying,” the woman says, asking that we not reveal her identity.

The Oxford Township mother of two relived the morning she’d rather forget. It happened Friday at 8:00 am on Oakmont Drive.

"I was getting the 11-year-old ready for school upstairs, the baby was still sleeping. I heard a loud banging in the kitchen and I thought my husband was back home or sometimes my sister comes over in the morning,” she says.

So she went downstairs and saw one of her worst fears standing right in front of her, a strange white man about 6 feet tall, around 180 to 200 pounds.

“He had a long white T-shirt on that was like down to his knees. He was slumpy, slumped over, right over my counter top,” she says.

She ran back upstairs and called 911.

“I had my 11-year-old hide in my closet - my walk-in closet - and I told him whatever happens, just don’t move! Don’t make a noise and grabbed a baseball bat and held on for dear life.” 

By the time police arrived the intruder had run off, taking 60 dollars in cash and a pair of sunglasses. Investigators found the sunglasses and are testing the fingerprints left behind.

While this Oxford Township family is grateful for the investigators' work, they are also frustrated and scared.

They say it’s the 2nd time someone has broken into their home in 6 months.

“First time, my husband caught the guy and held him down in the middle of the street for the police, so this is like reoccurring.”

She says they are adding more surveillance cameras around the house and though she loves the neighborhood, she’s going to look for a new place to live.