Three generations of women help at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital with therapy dogs and love

Posted at 5:41 PM, Jun 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 17:41:44-04

When you walk into any hospital on many occasions your spirits aren't too high.

However, when you walk into Henry Ford West Bloomfield, almost immediately you feel love in the air, because of the paws in the place. In this case, there are three generations of generosity.

You are about to meet Grandma Joanne, her daughter Helene and Helene’s daughter Mallory. They are three generations of women with therapy dogs at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital. 

Over the years, they’re learned that there are some things that doctors and medicines cannot heal, that a special kind of therapy can.

Peaches, Bell, and Luxy are their therapy dogs. Each one of them is a  tremendous gift and a blessing at the hospital.

When their “paws” hit the hallowed halls of the hospital every day, they hope to make everyone they encounter smile and they do!

“People thank us all the time, why? Why do you thank us? Because this is what we love to do,” says Helene Goldberg.

And her mother and daughter feel the same.

“These dogs do something that nobody else can do, they give everybody special love,” says Joanne Goldberg.

You can see it for yourself, from all the dog kisses, comfort and hugs.

“You wouldn’t think that a dog could affect people that way, but they can and they feel so much,” says Mallory Wolf.

If you and your dog are interested in volunteering to make people happy, all the information you need is below. Just go to and type in pet therapy or check out Doctor Paws, Inc. at or