Chuck Rizzo, Jr to serve 66 months in prison, pay $4 million in bribery case

Posted: 5:55 PM, Apr 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-23 23:13:13Z

In court in chains, in a jail jumpsuit and in tears, Chuck Rizzo, Jr. told the judge, “I broke the law, I accept full responsibility, I admit to paying politicians, I admit to taking money from RES (Rizzo Environmental Services). 

Dozens of family and friends came to court in support of Rizzo. He also told the judge, “I know I am going to prison, I know I am ready to accept my punishment.” 

Rizzo has been in custody since February when he was put in jail after intimidating a witness.

Rizzo worked with the feds, secretly taping his bribes for several months while the feds were recording.  Several elected officials have been charged and many have pleaded guilty. 

Federal Judge Robert Cleland told Rizzo bribery is corrupt and corrupting. And embezzlement is corrupt thievery.  Those are the two charges to which Rizzo pleaded guilty.

In addition to the 51/2 years he will serve in prison, he will also have 2 years supervised release and hand over $4 million in cash.

Rizzo’s defense attorneys asked that Rizzo be given some free time before starting prison, because he has a son graduating and his mother is having surgery. 

The judge called that an unusual request, but said he would consider it, along with the input from prosecutors.