Grosse Pointe Park smash and grab leads to metro wide investigation

Posted at 4:26 PM, Jun 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-22 18:12:45-04

Multiple police departments throughout the Detroit area are on the hunt to find out who continues to be involved in smash and grab robberies.

The latest smash and grab happened in Grosse Pointe Park at the restaurant Howlers and Growlers. Gross Pointe Park Police say a van backed up into a window of the restaurant, stealing the ATM inside containing $900.

Grosse Pointe Park Police say the van used to break into the restaurant was stolen out of Detroit yesterday. They were able to find the van, along with the ATM pried open.

A few weeks ago, the Detroit Police asked the community to be on the look out for five men wanted in a string of smash and grabs. Of the five, four have been arrested. Police are still looking for Ivan Austin. Detroit Police are still investigating if this latest smash in grab in Grosse Pointe Park is related to Austin and the four other men in custody.

For now, neighbors in the Grosse Pointe Park neighborhood remain on high alert.

“It’s pretty scary, just got to really look out for the neighborhood, look out for the people that live around here,” said Moses Movessian, who lives next door to Howlers and Growlers.