Robber steals phone from 10-year-old metro Detroit boy at gunpoint

Posted at 5:13 PM, Apr 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-10 17:13:52-04

Police in Van Buren Township are trying to locate the men who robbed a 10-year-old boy at gunpoint Tuesday afternoon at a neighborhood park in the area of Belleville Road and Tyler Road.  

"It's upsetting that someone would do that to a 10-year-old," said the victim's mother, Cynthia McGoldrick. 

McGoldrick's son, Braylon, was hanging out at the park after school with another ten-year-old boy when they were approached by several young men. 

One of the men asked to use one of their phones, claiming he need to call his mother.

Moments after the boys refused, the men grabbed one boy's phone but quickly threw it down when he told them there was a tracker on the phone. 

One of the men then pressed a gun up against Braylon's stomach area and demanded his phone.

"I was just terrified and I just wanted to listen to the rules," said Braylon. "I didn't want to try anything stupid so that I get shot."

Anyone with any information is urged to call Van Buren Township Police at (734)699-8930.