Woman opens business to provide antique tours of Belle Isle

Ford Model A, On Belle Isle
Posted at 11:34 PM, Jul 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-05 08:19:18-04

She’s an antique. She’s a beauty and you just may get a chance to see her, this Fourth of July weekend on Belle Isle.

There’s so much to see witness on our spectacular island, so why not see it while riding in style?

Like in a 1930, Ford Model A!  

Lisa Stolarski is the owner of Antique Touring and Rick Smith is her partner. Together, they are your tour guides. 

Antique Touring is a brand new company, launching right now.

Stolarski has been longing to start a unique company like this, taking folks on tours of Belle Isle, teaching them the history, the beauty and all that comes with it. 

The Model-A rides like a dream to be almost 90 years old. 

It was built Ford tough, way back in the day, right here in Detroit. 

Now, she's right where she belongs. It’s s a gift that keeps on giving, on Belle Isle. 

“I’m incredibly blessed to be able to do this," Stolarski said. "It’s at least three centuries of history to discover here. It makes people happy to see this old car, being out in the community and being driven."

People on the island honk their horns and wave every time they drive by. 

“Just being a part of history, something that's groundbreaking, something that's innovative, and a first of it's kind coming to the city." Smith said. 

This Fourth of July and throughout the holiday weekend, Stolarski, Smith and The Model A, will be giving free tours on the island.

Go to the website, to sign up! They are also ready to roll after the holiday as well.