Anglers spend time with STEM students before tournament kicks off

Posted at 4:07 PM, Jun 27, 2018

Lake St. Clair will host one of the nations premier bass fishing competitions this weekend as professional anglers descend upon the area.

Before they got on the water though, they made their way into the community.

James Watson is a nine-year pro with Fishing League Worldwide. He’s made a career of catching fish, but also the attention of the next generation of anglers.

“Giving back is everything, if our sport doesn’t continue to grow and people don’t pick up fishing and start it, it’s going to die,” bassmaster John Hunter said. “So giving back, getting the youth into fishing, taking someone new out is everything.”

STARBASE One is a department of defense youth program that’s run out of Selfridge.
Usually these kids are learning about rockets and space, and while they took a break from their normal subjects, these kids are certainly impressive.

“It’s really fun, I really like the CAD stuff that we’re doing, making rockets and satellites and stuff,” 10-year old camper Bryson said.

“What a special thing for these kids to get, every kid in there is excited, happy to be here and their learning at the same time great things that when I was a kid, didn’t have the opportunity for,” Watson added.

If you want more information on the tournament this weekend, you can find it here.