Jeff Blashill believes his message is resonating in Red Wings room

Posted at 2:18 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 11:17:39-05

Jeff Blashill doesn't believe there's a failure to communicate in the Red Wings locker room.

Coming off the 10-1 loss to the Canadiens on Saturday, there's a sense of urgency to bounce back well. The lopsided loss is especially troubling, considering the way the Red Wings played against Montreal at home two days prior.

Blashill said Tuesday his message is resonating in the locker room.

"They're bought-in as much as ever since I've been here, to be honest with you," he said on Tuesday.

"That doesn't mean that we've played great. That doesn't mean the results have been there. But from a message standpoint, I think they understand how we need to play to win. I don't think that's the case at all," Blashill continued.

The Red Wings haven't won in seven games. It's their second winless streak of at least six games this season. Sandwiched in between those losses was a nine-game stretch where they earned at least a point in seven games.

To what does Blashill attribute the streakiness?

"Well, it's a hard league. That's one (reason). I think you play good hockey and not get points, and that's just the reality of the league," he said.

He said that was valid until the last five periods, which he called 'not good enough.'

"I had a conversation with Ken Holland on the plane home from Montreal. Even the three games previous, the two against LA, and then the first period against Montreal, we were real good, but the last five haven't been good enough. Before that, I think it's just the league. It's gonna be a little bit of ebb and flow," Blashill added.

He said the biggest thing that plays into 'these types of deals' is confidence, further explaining the Red Wings have to earn that confidence.