Little Caesars Arena home to Ultimate Sports Road Trip finale

Posted at 5:56 PM, Nov 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-15 20:02:56-05

We've all heard of people traveling the country trying to visit all of the Major League Baseball parks in the United States, but there are two men from Buffalo, NY taking that idea to the extreme.

“We were in Florida at the nhl all star game and as the beer flowed so did the ideas, and by the end of the night we had decided we were going to attend what was then 121 teams that play in the four North American major sports," explained Andrew Kulyk.

Kulyk and his friend Peter Farrell met in an online sports chat room and have been friends for almost 20 years. They began their initial quest for 121 back in 1999 and finished at ford field in 2002.

"For us, we thought this was the perfect place to finish a thing called the Ultimate Sports Road Trip. This is Detroit, this is the Motor City, it’s Ford Field, named after one of the big institutions of the city so it couldn’t have been a more perfect place to do it," said Farrell.

Of course with the ever changing pro sports landscape, they eventually had to  get back on the road.

"That’s why we’re hitting the finish line again tonight. Since we had that accomplishment in 2002; first of all the four major sports have added two new franchises. Also with the Detroit Red Wings tonight, 42 teams have either opened new venues or relocated to a different city. And whenever that happens, we go back," said Kulyk.

Little Caesars Arena marks the end of their Ultimate Sports Road Trip 2.0. Next year -- when the Milwaukee Bucks open their new arena -- they'll be back on the road again.

They do a weekend here, a weekend there. Slowly chipping away at the list. They write on their website about the best food and rate the venues. But for they say the best part of the experience has been the people

"People that we’ve met who are sports travelers, people in host communities that have welcomed us into their homes  and to their tailgate parties…when it boils down to it it is all about people and fellowships and friendships and associations," said Kulyk.