Local AP writer looking out for freelancers cut during sports hiatus

Posted at 10:20 AM, Apr 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-03 10:27:36-04

WXYZ — If you’ve ever read a sports story online or in a newspaper, you’ve likely read something written by Larry Lage. The associated press journalist felt compelled to do something when the sports world stopped, leaving thousands without freelance work, and therefore, financial questions.

“There are so many people in our business who are out of work right now that get paid by the game or the assignment, the news conference, the interview, the story, the picture, the article, so many people are out of work,” AP writer Larry Lage said.

Larry launches a Facebook fundraiser thinking that through just his friends he’d be able to raise a couple thousand bucks to alleviate some stress to local people, but as the word spread, the donations started to come in, growing to more than 15-thousand dollars.

“In my wildest dreams I didn’t imagine this would be the source of a Woj-bomb. It’s an amazing thing, other than getting married and having kids, this is probably the most significant thing I’ve ever been apart of,” Lage said.

The money has been gifted to people all over the country, from all walks of the media world. 86 different people have received some of the money. Freelance producer Chrissy Paradis found out about what Lage was doing, and was more than thankful when he gave her a hand as she tries to make do during this difficult time.

“He kind of has been this angel investor in people and their dreams, is a good way to put it, it’s incredible and that’s 86 people that have been able to rest easy, if only for a 15 minute period, and just feel grounded and things are back to normal and I respect him so much for that,” Paradis said.