Make-A-Wish kid inspires Red Wings to victory

Posted: 12:48 PM, Apr 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-04-01 12:48:36-04
Make-A-Wish kid inspires Red Wings to victory
Annette fell in love with hockey at just four years old, and found an easy solution to making sure that no one could change the channel.
“I took the remote away. I’ve been taking remotes from people ever since,” 14-year old Make-A-Wish Red Wings fan Annette said.
Annette was granted her wish by the Make-A-Wish foundation to meet her favorite teammates, and spent a special day as a member of the team.
You’d never know that Annette is battling a congenial heart condition, because of a smile that lights up the room and an attitude on life that can motivate anyone. Her message to her teammates on Saturday was a simple one.
“I told them they could do it! I know they can, they’ve done it a hundred times before so I know they could do it,” Annette recalled.
As part of her wish, she also got to drop the ceremonial puck, a nervous moment for anyone to walk out in front of thousands of fans.
A fun day all around for sure, but as for what she and her family will remember the most from the day? It’s not what you’d expect.
“That my daughter, because she has stage fright, overcame her stage fright to do what she needed to do and that I’m proud of her,” Annette’s mom said.
“It was a little bit scary because I thought everybody was going to laugh at me at first, but as soon as they started clapping, I really enjoyed it!” Annette added.
A lesson to all to lend a smile instead of a sneer, from a 14-year old who’s gained many new friends this day.