Red Wings youth camp offers more memories at JLA

Posted at 5:10 PM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-02 17:45:09-04

The amount of times the iconic walk from locker room to bench will happen are now very limited.

In a few short weeks, there won't be anymore ice or opportunities to make new memories in the old barn known as Joe Louis Arena.

Thousands of kids though, over the first week of August, will be some of the last to skate here, and with their aged wisdom, they do know a thing or two about the significance of this building.

It's old.

Current Red Wings will be helping mold these youngsters during the camp, and it's times like these that take them back to their humble beginnings.

"They are pretty excited out there but they're having fun and I love being around kids, brings a smile to your face, so it's a good time," forward Riley Sheahan said.

"I just come here and try to have fun with the kids. I think at that age the most important thing is to have fun they need to enjoy the game, they need to enjoy playing and while it's going to get more serious later, at that age it's just fun," defenseman Xavier Ouellet added.

Joe Louis Arena will host an adult fantasy hockey camp before the ice surface is removed sometime later in August.