UM baseball approaching win-streak record

Posted at 3:41 PM, Apr 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-25 23:00:12-04

The Michigan baseball team have been rolling from a disappointing loss to NAIA school, Lawrence Tech, from over a month ago.

“That was a gut check for us, but we’ve used that to make us better,” sophomore pitcher Tommy Henry said.

They’re also using the momentum of their university’s athletic department. Watching the basketball and hockey teams go on amazing runs of their own made this group want to follow suit.

“A month and a half ago we didn’t feel like we were upholding our end of the bargain, we had a lot of great teams doing awesome things and we just wanted to get in on the action,” Wolverines head coach Erik Bakich said.

“Trying to participate and contribute in a way that they did that makes he block M, the University of Michigan look as good as they made it look is our goal,” Henry added.

The program winning streak is set at 24, but this unit knows that looking ahead only will have them falter, they’d rather take a different approach, enjoy the ride.

“Just being on this win streak, just playing well in general is just a great time, it’s something we’re really cherishing and understanding to live in the moment everyday,” junior outfielder Jonathan Engelmann said.

The Wolverines hope to continue the streak this weekend in Iowa City.