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Metro Detroit should reach 60° on Thursday, warmest day since October

Spotty showers & thunderstorms possible
Warm Up Thursday
Thursday rain
Posted at 10:49 AM, Mar 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-11 11:27:07-04

(WXYZ) — Metro Detroit should reach 60° later this week for the first time since early December, and it could be the warmest since October 11th.

A strong ridge of high pressure across the eastern U.S. and a slow-moving storm system developing near the Texas/Oklahoma panhandle will usher warm air into Michigan from the south Wednesday through Thursday. We may see some spotty showers Wednesday, but we'll have a better chance of more organized showers, and possibly thundersorms, on Thursday.

Wednesday's forecasted high is 50°.
Thursday's forecasted high is 62°.

This will be a welcomed change after we only averaged a high of 26° Monday through Friday last week. The average high in mid-March is 45°.

Here are our average "first dates" in metro Detroit in the last 30 years:

First 60°: February 27
First 70°: March 28
First 80°: April 22

The last two days to reach 60° were December 2nd, and October 19th, but it hasn't climbed above 60° since October 11th, when Detroit reached a high of 72°.