Westland woman fearful water, mud will come into her home from construction project nearby

Posted at 9:06 PM, Apr 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-30 22:35:48-04

WESTLAND (WXYZ) — 7 action news is taking action for you, after a woman sent an email worried about construction happening behind her home. She says she’s already dealt with a mudslide and flooding in her yard.

Barbara Kazanjians, 81, says she's concerned the water and mud will continue to creep closer and closer to her home because of the construction. She’s a widow and she’s tried to get help before with no answer.

"Well, they flooded the park and it’s coming into my yard and I’m afraid it’s going to flood my house," Kazanjian said.

The Westland resident has been dealing with water and mud in her backyard for weeks now.

"When they started building they dug and hit water and it’s been flooded ever since," Kazanjian said.

She says it’s construction work behind her home that's causing all the problems.

"Before that there was a mudslide over there that I had to have dug out. In fact I’ve got a snow shovel holding the mud back," Kazanjian said.

We reached out to the contracting company to try and get answers. Our calls went to voicemail.

We also called Westland Mayor Bill Wild to see what he can do. The Mayor said he was going to come out and take a look with some help and see what can be done.

"Oh please, thank you," Kazanjian said.

Mayor Wild says the land was purchased from Livonia. The land used to be a school, then transformed into a walking path. Now homes will be built.

Kazanjian says she just wants to keep the water and mud out of her yard.

"I want the water removed and someone to own up to what they did and not deny what they did and that’s all I want," she said.