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Ringing in the new year with fun cocktails for both kids and adults

Posted at 7:42 AM, Dec 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-28 17:49:13-05

SOUTHFIELD, MICH (WXYZ) — Celebrating New Year's Eve with drinks for both kids and adults. Recipes from Nick Britsky are posted below.

- Milk & Cookies:
- Rim glass with honey and sprinkles
Fill with Milk
Garnish with Cookie

- Burst Sparklers
- Starbursts
- Sparkling Q-Soda Gingerale
Add unwrapped Starburst to tulip glass and top with sparkling cider.

- Leisure Time
- 1.5oz Tarragon Lime Cordial
- 2oz Cranberry Sumac Broth
- Fresh Tarragon
Muddle tarragon and shake with ice, cordial and broth.
Strain into iced Collin's glass and top with Casamara Club Capo Soda.
Garnish with Cranberries and Tarragon

- Cordial:
- 300g Cane Sugar
- 15g Lime Zest, 150ml Water, 150ml Lime Juice, 11g Tarragon Leaves (no stems).
- Make Oleo from zest and sugar by muddling then sealing in container overnight.
In simmering hot water, add oleo, juice, water and leaves and stir until sugar is dissolved.
Strain into container and store for use.

- Broth:
- 300g Fresh Cranberries
- 600ml water
- 8g Ground Sumac.
Heat berries and water until the skins fall off (~15 min).
Remove from heat and stir in sumac.
Strain into bottle and store.
Make this boozy with tequila