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Making your plant-based loved ones feel welcome at the holiday dinner table

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Posted at 5:47 AM, Nov 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-20 11:05:16-05

(WXYZ) — The holidays are here and the best part may be the food! With more people going vegan or vegetarian, Thanksgiving is no longer just about turkey.

According to Physicains Committee for Responsible Medicine, 65% of people nationwide say they are reducing their meat consumption in their diets, 7% are vegetarian all the time with 3% being totally vegan. So with this mind how do you make your plant-based loved ones feel welcome at the holiday dinner table this year? The Michigan-owned 14 locations of the Better Health Stores have the answer. The recipe for one of your options is listed below. Enjoy.

Better Health Vegan Vegetable Quinoa Roast
Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free

Serves 8


· 3 Cups water
· ½ cups flax seed meal
· 3 cup quinoa, cooked
· 3 cups green lentils, cooked
· 1 cup Vegenaise or other vegan mayo
· 1 cup diced tomatoes
· ½ cup tomato sauce
· 1 cup spinach, chopped
· 1 cup red pepper, chopped
· 1 cup green pepper, chopped
· 1 cup zucchini, chopped
· 1 cup yellow squash, chopped
· 1 cup broccoli, chopped
· 1 cup walnuts, chopped
· 3 cups rolled oats
· ½ cup garlic, chopped
· ½ cup Italian seasoning
· 1 tablespoon sea salt
· 1 tablespoon black pepper
· 1 cup Better Health Organic Cranberry Organic Relish (it contains organic cranberries, orange juice, organic cane sugar, organic orange zest and seal salt)


1. Mix the water and flax meal together to create the binder and let stand while you prepare the rest of the ingredients
2. In a large mixing bowl, mix all remaining ingredients until well combined
3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
4. Using a full size 4” ling half pan, spray liberally with vegan pan release. Press mixture into pan forming a loaf, cover and bake for 25 minutes
5. Spread the relish over loaf and back for another 10 minutes
6. Allow loaf to completely cool before slicing
7. Slice loaf into 1-inch pieces

To learn more about Better Health stores, visit https://www.thebetterhealthstore.com/