"The diary of Ann Frank"

Posted at 3:28 PM, Feb 12, 2016

 It's opening night for " The Diary Of Anne Frank," at the Farmington Players Barn.  The drama runs February 12 - March 5 in Farmington Hills.

 The classic drama is the gripping tale of the teenager girl her family and others who hide from the Nazis in their attic in Amsterdam. Anne's unbridled optimism dreams and visions of romance, give the group hope for the future.  CLICK THE VIDEO PLAYER for JOANNE PURTAN'S INTERVIEW. Tickets are available at  248-553-2955 and


 Anne's adolescent antics are qualities all families can relate to, as she struggles with teenage angst and imagines the possibility of romance.

This version of the play weaves writings from Anne Frank's diary together with survivor accounts to create a passionate story of people driven by hope, and to spotlight the triumph of the human spirit.


Anne Frank recorded her experiences in a diary that she left behind in 1944, when the Nazis captured her family. Her work has since inspired generations. The story by Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett was adapted by Wendy Kesselman and earned two Tony Award Nominations in 1998 for Best Featured Actress (Linda Lavin) and Best Revival of a Play.


The play is profoundly important to Director Maureen Mansfield of Farmington Hills who is Jewish. "My family's history is intertwined with the Holocaust," says Mansfield. "When I first read "A Diary of a Young Girl", by Anne Frank, it helped me understand what my family had been through. It somehow made me feel closer to them."


"Growing up, I was always told that it was our job, as Jews, to spread the word of the Holocaust," says Mansfield. "We had to make sure that no one ever forgot about the atrocities committed, because if they did, it could all happen again. I believe anyone involved in the production of this show is doing a mitzvah, a good deed, by telling a story about that horrendous event."


The show features Barn regulars: Alidor P. Lefere III (Metamora) and Laurel Stroud (Redford Twp.) as Otto and Edith Frank and first-time Barn member Amy Cassell (Detroit) as the young diarist Anne Frank. Barn veterans Gary Weinstein (Farmington Hills) and Nancy Cooper (Farmington) play Hermann and Petronella Van Daan. Connor Green (Farmington) is Peter Van Daan. Jared Kovacs (Detroit) plays Mr. Dussell. Annie Schunior (Dearborn) portrays Miep Gies. Jerry Gass (Novi) lends his talents to Mr. Kraler, SS officer and assorted voices. Allie Walter (Canton Twp.) plays a soldier.

Director Mansfield wants everyone to know this is a story of "hope, love and courage," and she is proud that her talented cast will help Anne Frank's message resonate with audiences. It's a message written by a girl who never grew up, but who lives forever through her words: "I keep my ideals because in spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart. - Anne Frank."

Reserved seats for The Diary Of Anne Frank, sponsored by Weinstein Jewelers of Novi, are available now at or by calling the box office at 248-553-2955.