Parents celebrate cancellation of children's show 'Caillou'

Posted at 5:43 PM, Jan 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-07 17:43:53-05

Parents around the world are shedding tears of joy over the decision to cancel "Caillou," a children's show on PBS.

The show featuring the daily adventures of the 4-year-old title character will end its network run after 23 years.

Described as "evil" and a "little brat" by those on Twitter, according to the New York Post, people are happy the show is coming to an end.

Many thought Caillou himself was a brat, with no more evidence needed than the show's theme song in which he sings "Growing up is not so tough, ‘cept when I’ve had enough."

In the show's opening sequence, the child can be seen throwing his toys and beating his fists on whatever he can.

The show first aired in 1997, with the last of new episodes having been released in 2010. Since that time, reruns have aired on PBS and PBS Kids.

As one person tweeted, perhaps the cancellation of Caillou will lead to a united nation.

"As divided as we are right now as a country on many issues, I think we can certainly agree on one thing: it was time for Caillou to go." wrote Kelly Phillips Erb on Twitter.