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FINALLY! No major road closures this weekend in metro Detroit

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Posted at 8:13 AM, Sep 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-27 08:13:47-04

(WXYZ) — In what feels like the first time in a few weeks, getting around metro Detroit might be a little easier this weekend. MDOT released its list of weekend construction, and there are no major road closures.

Check out the entire list below.


Oakland - NB I-75, Joslyn to Baldwin, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 5am-Sun 10pm. NB 75 ramp to SB Baldwin closed.
Oakland - SB I-75 ramp to Chrysler Dr, ramp closed, Sat 7am-7pm.
Oakland - SB I-75 Service Drive at 9 Mile, 1 lane open, Fri 9am-3pm.
Oakland - NB Stephenson Hwy near 12 Mile, lane closed, Fri 6am-Mon 6am.
Oakland - SB 75 Service Dr/Chrysler Dr at 9 Mile, lane closed, Fri 7am-7pm.


Macomb - EB 94, M-19 to County Line Rd, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 7pm-Mon 5am.
Wayne - WB 94, W. Grand Blvd to Livernois, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat Noon-7pm.
Wayne - WB 94, Cass Ave to Trumbull, right lane closed, Fri 9pm-Sat 5am.
Wayne - EB 94, Wyoming to Livernois, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 5 am-Noon.
Wayne - EB I-94 ramp to Livernois Ave, ramp closed, Sat 5am-Dec.
Wayne - NB Merriman ramps to EB/WB 94, ramps closed, Sat 6am-Sun 6pm. SB Merriman ramp to EB 94, ramp closed to mid-Oct.


Wayne - WB I-96 near W. Grand Blvd, moving lane closure, Sat 8am-9am.
Wayne - EB I-96 near Joy Rd, moving lane closure, Sat 9am-11am.


Oakland - WB 696 Service Dr, Dequindre to John R, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 9am-3pm.
Oakland – EB 696 ramp to Van Dyke, ramp closed, now thru Mon 10pm.
Oakland – M-3/Gratiot ramp to WB 696, ramp closed, now thru Mon 10pm.
Oakland – Dequindre ramp to EB 696, ramp closed, now thru Mon 10pm.


Oakland - NB/SB M-1 express lanes under 696, lanes closed, Fri 11am-2pm. Service Drive lanes are open.


Wayne - WB M-5 near Tireman, right lane closed, Fri 9am-3pm.


Wayne – WB Congress ramp to NB M-10, RAMP CLOSED, 9/25 to 10/4/19.


Wayne - WB M-14 at Sheldon, right lane closed, Sun 7am-7pm.
Wayne - NB/SB Sheldon ramp to M-14, ramp closed, Sun 7am-7pm.


Oakland - NB/SB Main/M-15 CLOSED, Clarkston Rd to Waldon, Sun 6am-10pm.


Macomb - NB/SB M-19, 28 Mile to 29 Mile, 1 LANE OPEN/flag control, Fri 8am-3pm.


Macomb - WB M-59, Groesbeck to Romeo Plank, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 9pm-Mon 6am.
Macomb - WB M-59, Mound to Ryan, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat-Sun 7:30am-6:30pm
Macomb - SB Heydenreich CLOSED at WB M-59, Fri 9pm-Mon 5am.
Macomb - WB Dobry Dr ramp to WB M-59, ramp closed, Sun 7:30am-6:30pm.

M-85: (Fort St)

Wayne - SB M-85/Fort near Cavalry, right lane closed, Fri 7am-6pm.

US-12: (Michigan)

Wayne - WB US-12, 8th St to Trumbull, right lane closed, Sat 5am-4pm.

US-24: (Telegraph)

Oakland - NB US-24 ramp to EB I-696, ramp closed, Fri 9pm-Mon 5am.



Oakland – NB 75 SD/Chrysler Dr, 8 Mile to 12 Mile, 1 LANE OPEN, Mon 8am-Tue 4pm.
Oakland – Big Beaver ramp to NB 75, ramp closed.
Wayne - EB/WB Schaefer ramp to SB I-75, ramp closed Mon 9am-Oct 7.
Wayne – EB/WB Schaefer at 75, 1 lane open, Mon 9am-Oct 7.


Oakland - EB I-696 Service Dr at M-1/Woodward, 2 lanes open, 2 closed, Mon 7pm-Fri 7am.


Oakland - NB/SB M-15 at US-24/Dixie Hwy, lane closed intermittently, Mon-Tue 9am-3pm.


Wayne - SB M-85/Fort, Miller Rd to Oakwood, right lane closed, Mon 9am-3pm.


Oakland - NB/SB US-24 at M-15/Main St, intermittent lane closure, Mon-Tue 9am-3pm.