"100 Deadliest Days" on the road for teens begin

Posted at 4:59 PM, Jun 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-01 16:59:41-04

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety  says new research shows drivers ages 16-17 years old are three times as likely as adults to be involved in a deadly crash.

The finding comes as the “100 Deadliest Days” on the road for teens begin. During the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day the number of deadly teen driver crashes climbs 15%.

“Teen crashes spike during the summer months because teens are out of school and on the road,” said Susan Hiltz, Michigan public affairs director for AAA - The Auto Club Group. “The Foundation’s research found that inexperience paired with greater exposure on the road create a deadly combination for teen drivers.”

By talking about the causes of many of these crashes, the hope is parents can save lives.

Distraction plays a role in nearly six out of 10 teen crashes according to AAA. Sixty percent of teens killed in a crash were not wearing a safety belt. Speeding is also a factor, playing a part in about 30% of fatal crashes involving teens.