Pictures of Hope Exhibit at Cobo Center thanks to NAIAS

Posted at 4:20 PM, Jan 23, 2017

Imagine being homeless and relying on a local shelter to keep you and your family out of the cold. That's the life of so many families in our community.
But this year as you walked through the North American International Auto Show, the dreams of homeless children were depicted in beautiful photographs to bring awareness to their plight in a very special Pictures of Hope Exhibit at Cobo.

Having her own home is a daily dream for 13-year-old Mahogany Slaughter who lives at Cots Homeless Shelter with her mom and siblings. She snapped a picture of that very home in December as part of world famous photographer Linda Solomon's Pictures of Hope program.

Linda teaches kids at Cots and around the country how to write a list of their hopes and dreams and then capture them in amazing photographs with cameras donated by Walgreens.

Each child is teamed with a mentor invited to participate from journalists, to CEOs, police officers, a noted psychologist even Michigan Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence.

Mahogany's caption under her picture reads "my hope is to have a house and live great".

Mahogany says, "it means happiness for my mom and siblings because we won't have to go through a lot of stuff anymore because we have a house."

Pretty heavy stuff for a child and for her mom who says participating in this exhibit at Cobo gives the kids a lot of self esteem a lot of positivity and it's awesome to have their artwork in Cobo Center.

All of the pictures from the children at Cots were on display at the North American International Auto Show thanks to the Detroit Auto Dealers Association.

Linda says, "this is the best way to bring Pictures of Hope to children who need hope the most these children deserve hope and they deserve to know their dreams matter."

The pictures are powerful from wanting no child to go hungry to dreams of being a police officer.. but most depict images of helping their moms and families.

Linda says, "they could write down anything on these lists but their dreams are for everyone else."

There was even a dream from  21-year-old Lujette Patton who used to call Cots his home. Lujette's picture is about a better tomorrow by way of the classroom. The caption is simple "my dream is to go to school."

Thanks to Linda, Pictures of Hope and her connection to Black College in Illinois, Lujette was honored with the Hope Scholarship. In September, Lujette will be going to Blackburn College on a full scholarship including tuition and room and board.

A local couple also donated a laptop computer to Lujette so he will have an easier time starting his studies in September.

WXYZ's Vice President and General Manager Mike Murri was on hand at Channel 7's Family Day to surprise Lujette with the announcement about the scholarship, and he was absolutely overwhelmed by the honor.

Linda says that's what Pictures of Hope is all about, making dreams come true.