Mom's a Genius: Local mom hopes to take kids' style to new heights with new store in Midtown

Posted at 3:46 PM, Nov 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 16:59:18-05

Open for business! There's another new store in the city of Detroit. The owner, Corina Baldwin, is a  mompreneur who has searched the world over to find things she hopes other parents will love.

Baldwin describes her store, Little High Flyers, as a shop that sells unique, quirky and eco-friendly baby and kids items. She sells clothing, shoes, and toys at the shop at 4240 Cass Avenue.

Her signature item is a pilot item for babies.

“We met the designer in a market in london and I really was inspired by her story,” Corina says. “She  had a young boy and started this business. I bought a bunch for me and my friends and then I started selling them at pop-up events around Metro Detroit.

She thought she was on to something. The pilot hats the impetus for plans for a brick and mortar store to take off. Corina is originally from Romania and her husband is from England. So the family has made many trips to Europe.

“I went to a lot of shows… in the US and Europe, and met companies that do meaningful clothes, interesting clothes.

Clothes that didn’t fit into typical boy and girl stereotypes. It’s kind of what the name is all about… Little High Flyers.

“Just there’s no limits and just letting kids be kids, but there’s also because the little high flyers are really known to ambition.

“It’s Corina’s ambition to make this shop work that’s really admirable. She could have set up shop in the suburbs in an already busy strip mall, but she and her husband are all about the urban experience, and helping little ones, their families, and the city of Detroit Fly High.

 Again, Little High Flyers is located at 4240 Cass Avenue in Detroit, about 2 blocks South of Warren Ave.

At this point, Corina’s only selling the pilot hats online. They range from $32-$38 

You can check them out here