32 cats rescued from deplorable conditions at Garden City home

Posted at 6:29 PM, May 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-28 19:00:33-04

GARDEN CITY (WXYZ) — Officers with the Garden City Police Department, along with members of the Michigan Humane Society, were able to rescue 32 cats from horrible living conditions inside a Garden City home on Wednesday.

The team began working on this case on May 26, according to a release, and was able to remove the cats as of May 27.

Garden City police initially received a complaint from neighbors about abandoned cats living inside the home at 6000 block of Silvio. It's a home that police had previously encountered regarding an excess of cats in the past.

The cats were living in "extremely unsanitary conditions," police say.

After obtaining a search warrant, officers were able to remove the 32 cats. An investigation found that the animals had been regularly fed. The cats have since been transported to the Mackey Center for Animal Care in Detroit to be examined and cared for by veterinarians.

After the cats are done with examination, the Michigan Humane Society will provide adoption information on its social media pages.

Charges in this case are being evaluated as investigators say the home was "unfit for human habitation" and was condemned.

The homeowner had a history of allowing too many cats at the home, investigators say. And according to previous reports, whenever police would check out the home it appeared in sanitary and well-kept condition. It wasn't until February 2020 that neighbors say the homeowner began covering windows to prevent the public from seeing inside the home, police say.

Eventually, that led to neighbors providing complaints to police, resulting in the removal of 32 cats.