$50 million lawsuit filed against MSP trooper in deadly Detroit ATV crash

Posted at 11:22 AM, Aug 30, 2017

A $50 million lawsuit is being filed against the Michigan State Police trooper who used his taser before an ATV crash that killed a 15-year-old Detroit boy.

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger will announce the lawsuit on Wednesday afternoon on behalf of Damon Grimes' family.

MSP announced the trooper who used the taser was suspended for their role in the crash over the weekend.

According to Michigan State Police Lt. Mike Shaw, the incident began when troopers tried to stop a driver of the 4-wheeler for driving recklessly around 5:30 p.m. Saturday. They turned on their lights and sirens but the driver refused to stop.

The troopers pursued the ATV near Rossini and Gratiot when the teen tried to drive off the road and onto a sidewalk. He crashed into the back of a pickup truck.

Shaw says after an investigation, they found the trooper deployed his taser, striking the 15-year-old before the crash.

Family members have identified the teen as 15 year-old Demond Grimes.

Detroit Police are also conducting an independent investigation into the incident.

"In no way should this be an implication of criminality but in any incident whether it's a Detroit Police officer in this case a Michigan State Police officer, our actions are scrutinized,” said Chief James Craig with DPD.

Craig reiterated this investigation doesn’t mean the troopers actions were wrong or even unlawful, but he did point out he is not a proponent of high speed chases and DPD has a very restrictive policy when it comes to pursuits.

"I know it's been reported out of the 9th precinct from our officers where these young people, will at times taunt police, they're doing what's called wheelies in front of police vehicles and circling police cars, that's very dangerous, again, what it amounts to is a misdemeanor at best. Our officers know, we are not to pursue,” said Craig.

Demond Grimes family said they are very happy to hear about DPD’s investigation, because they don’t believe the troopers actions were justified.

"Knowing that they did too much, I don't understand why did y’all have to tase him, he's only 15,” said Dezanique Grimes, Demond Grimes’ older sister.

She said her brother has never been in trouble with law enforcement and always had good grades.

"I need justice for my little brother, he was a good kid, he didn't deserve this, he had his whole life planned,” said Grimes.