9 year-old receives civilian citation award for her quick thinking actions to save her grandmother

Posted at 6:05 PM, Oct 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-13 17:20:10-04

9 year-old Jada Anderson, a 4th grader at Warrendale Charter Academy in Detroit, received a civilian citation award. Back on August 13th, she was at home with her two younger sisters when her grandmother collapsed. Jada stayed calm and called 911.

She followed instructions from 911 dispatcher Inez Sullivan and started performing CPR on her grandmother who wasn't breathing.

On Friday, Jada was honored at her school and she got to meet Sullivan.

"She instructed siblings to open the door when the medics arrived. She just did everything I asked her to do," says Sullivan.

Sadly, Jada's grandmother passed away a few days later, but Jada's actions made a difference. Her parents are full of pride over what she did and how she stayed calm even though she was distraught.

"I'm proud of her giving my mom a fighting chance. All my kids are awesome and she just proved it to me in this situation," says Janae Anderson, Jada's mom.

Inez Sullivan and the first responders who arrived at the scene were also recognized by the Detroit Fire Commissioner for their professionalism.