Affidavits from Conyers' former colleagues deny sexual harassment claims

Posted at 4:09 PM, Dec 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 16:09:12-05

Two former colleagues of Congressman John Conyers wrote affidavits denying allegations of sexual harassment between Conyers and Monica Brown. 

Both statements say they never saw Conyers sexually harass Brown.

One affidavit was signed by James Marbury, who worked as a security guard in the courthouse.

According to Reed, the affidavit says he observed the personal and business relationship between Conyers and Brown and she never appeared to be uncomfortable.


"I have been watching the media coverage regarding congressman John Conyers. I am deeply concerned and feel compelled to come forward and tell you that I worked as a Security Guard under Federal Contract through Homeland Security. My duties included perimeter security, building security and access points into the Federal Court House. I performed these duties from roughly 2000-2008. In this capacity, I observed the interaction on numerous occasions between Congressman Conyers and Marion Brown. I also talked with Ms. Brown on numerous occasions, and she knew that I was Security. In this time period, she never appeared to be uncomfortable around Congressman Conyers, and in fact, appeared to have a good professional working relationship with Congressman Conyers. Ms. Brown never appeared uncomfortable in his office space or anywhere throughout the building. I am not an interested party in this issue, but I wanted to share my observations in light of what was said about the Congressman by Ms. Brown. I have observed Congressman Conyers to be professional and have never witnessed him speaking in a manner what was unprofessional to any of his staff."

The other affidavit, signed by Conyers' former congressional aide Shawn Campbell, verified that Conyers hired Brown's daughter and was never told of any sexual harassment. Campbell was later fired by Conyers for reportedly cursing at a female constituent.

"I worked for Congressman Conyers, 2006 to 2016 in his Detroit office, as a Congressional Aide. I know Marion Brown very well, and she was employed at the time I was employed. She never expressed to me or to anyone to my knowledge that she was harassed in any fashion. In fact, she requested that the congressman hire her daughter. The congressman did hire her daughter. The congressman was very concerned about Women's Rights, and he fired me for cursing at one of his female constituents who called in for help."