Amazing road to recovery for abused dog

Posted at 10:08 AM, Apr 11, 2016

We have an update on an incredible journey of hope and recovery. Back in December, we told you the heartbreaking story of Tyson.

The emaciated Mastiff was found in River Rouge.

He was so sick and weak that he couldn't even stand on his own. Look at Tyson now in the photos above!

He's put on a lot of weight and is doing so well thanks to many of you who donated to help the rescue group “Providing for Paws” get Tyson the medical care he desperately needed.

The rescue group held a meet and greet over the weekend in Westland where Tyson met a lot of his fans who have followed his journey on Facebook. Because of his heartworm treatment, Tyson remains in a foster home, but we're told he is getting a lot of love and we're pretty sure he knows his future is bright.