Ann Marie's All Stars: Avondale Mom's Squad helps keep school programs funded

Posted at 10:47 AM, Sep 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-28 23:40:43-04

They’re moms with moves taking a positive approach to school budget cuts by dancing their way through fundraising.

Now in their fifth year and 58 mom’s strong the Avondale Mom’s Squad has raised more than $30,000 for the high school.

“It’s blossomed, it’s grown, it’s this incredibly hot ticket for moms to be involved in,” theater teacher Edmond Gay said.

They’ve got hustle and soul and when the moms saw programs at Avondale High School disappearing due to budget cuts, they decided to do something about it creating the Avondale Mom’s Squad.

“We’re all concerned about getting the best education for our kids so we put this group together, we do not have a PTO like some other high schools do so our mom squad is almost taking a little place of that,” founder Cari Moose said.

They’ve danced their way to thousands of dollars to supplement school needs.

“All the money goes back to any student enrichment extracurricular activities or any academic needs and it’s all for the students,” Moose said.

The Avondale Mom’s Squad performs at the homecoming pep rally and parade.

“It’s funny because it’s like my mom personally, she isn’t super coordinated but like so it’s fun to watch and fun to help her learn the dance too,” student Kathryn Wagner said.

They gain local businesses as sponsors who get logos on their coveted t-shirts.

“They get to dance in front of the entire student body and that’s the best part,” Gay said. “They’re at the homecoming assembly and they’re dancing and every single teenager is either shielding his or her eyes – OMG that’s my mom or dude, that’s your mom!”

Their smiles are defining what it means to be a community- turning hurdles into high steps.

Congratulations Avondale Mom's Squad!

There’s still time to get in on one of the Avondale Mom’s Squads coveted t-shirts.  Sponsors can contact the school:

2800 Waukegan St, Auburn Hills, MI 48326

(248) 537-6100

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