Ann Marie's All Stars: Meg Grossnickle

Posted at 4:11 AM, Mar 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-30 04:11:53-04

A Waterford Kettering High School teacher is receiving high honors for her impact on students.

‘Ms. G’ as the students call her may be young but her impact is great, relating to students through current issues and using the classroom to shape their future.

“She cares more about us as people just as much as she cares about us as students,” student Taylor Craft said.

She says teacher Meg Grossnickle makes the students excited about learning.

“I try to look for ways they can bring in their interests and passions to the class,” Grossnickle said.

From assignments digging into current hot topics to chaperoning class trips to Europe, she’s the teacher the students can always count on.

“She always knows the right things to say,” a student said. “She’s our teacher but she’ll still talk to you and have a normal conversation with you.”

Grossnickle says it’s all about respect.

“She does a really great job at teaching us to be great leaders and doing the right thing,” Craft said.

Grossnickle says each student has something that makes them unique.

“I’m very passionate about that idea that everybody has a story to tell,” she said.

It’s all with the goal of sparking her student’s passions and preparing them for the future.

“I would hope in high school they can find something they’re passionate about and not just the dates and facts but some of those life skills,” she said. “Critical thinking skills, creative skills and they’re able to apply those skills to whatever their passion is.”

Congratulations Ms. G!

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