Ms. Gilmore helps students look good for prom

Posted at 10:49 PM, Apr 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-28 05:22:18-04

Prom season is here and it can put a lot of pressure on girls and their families. But, one teacher is going out of her way to make sure every student looks and feels fantastic.

The dress, nails, hair and makeup for prom are all expensive and just out of the realm of possibility for many students and their families at Lamphere High School. So, teacher Jackie Gilmore came up with a plan to take some of the pressure off.

She’s organized a day where all students can come and pick out a donated prom dress.  She also sets them up with accessories and services for hair and makeup.

“In the halls I’m Ms. G to most, but I’m Mama G to some,” Gilmore said.

Helping with prom is just the beginning of what this former Oakland County High School Teacher of the Year is doing for her students.

“She is an amazing person,” Junior Alex Yousif said.  “She is more than a teacher, I talk to her about everything.

Ms. G’s room is what the students consider their safe zone.

“She knows when I’m feeling down,” Yousif said.

“Once you know they’re good at something then you can praise that and when you praise that, they want to be good at something else,” Gilmore said.  “So we just start there.”

Junior Nia Ross Shumate says Ms. G is more than just a teacher. 

“She’s kind of like family,” she said.

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