Batman vs. Superman: Local baker in spotlight

Posted at 3:42 PM, Mar 25, 2016

Batman versus Superman comes out Friday. The movie producers filmed many scenes in Detroit.

Not only does it showcase the city, but it gave a Troy baker a chance to show off her talent.

For baker Sarah Williams, her cape is a chef's coat. Sarah taught a cake decorating class, one of her students worked for the film company.

"This is definitely a first," she said. "She gave my name and got in contact with me."

To make this masterpiece, Sarah needed to create the molds from scratch and have it look similar to the Parthenon.

It took her more than 100 hours to make.

"Metropolis Public Library which was destroyed in the first Superman movie during the fight with Zad. What this was supposed to be was a restoration of the city, much of it being rebuilt and one of the buildings being rebuilt was the Metropolis Public Library."

The cake cost $5,000.

Williams got a chance to talk to Ben Affleck behind the scenes.

"He was awed by the cake as well like everyone else, which was awesome to have somebody of that caliber be excited about my cake."

The cake is edible except for the pearls.

The cake had security guards making sure no one touched it.

"They were treating it as a work of art. They actually had people protecting the cake when people went on brakes so no one accidentally bumped into it."

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