Birmingham Public Schools issue stranger danger alert

Posted at 3:35 PM, Sep 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-21 15:35:43-04

Birmingham Public Schools have sent a message to parents regarding two stranger danger incidents in the area.

The first incident took place in Beverly Hills. There were reports of a suspicious vehicle, a small silver Honda, with two men inside. One of the men waved at a student to come over to the car. If you have any information, call Beverly Hills police at 248-540-3400.

The other incident took place in Birmingham at Oak and Pilgrim. Specifics of the incident have not yet been released, according to the school district.

Birmingham Public Schools released the following safety guidelines from the National Crime Prevention Council:

*Know where you are going and the safest way to get there.

*Always tell an adult where you are going and what time you’ll be back.  Whenever possible, travel with a friend or group of friends.

*If you think you are being followed, go to the nearest store or public place.  If there isn’t a store or public area nearby, keep moving and don’t be afraid to yell for help or make other noise to draw attention to the situation.

*Always take care when walking or biking.

*Avoid isolated areas and do not wear headphones or text while walking.

*If a stranger grabs you, do everything in your power to break free. Scream “stranger” as loud as you can and run to the nearest public place or residence of a trusted neighbor.

*Never get in strangers’ vehicle under any circumstances. Do not think that if you cooperate and get in the vehicle that they will let you go.

*Always have a secret code word that only you and your parents know in the event that a friend or acquaintance of the family says your mom or dad said to give you a ride.

*Adults never need your help.  If you are approached by a stranger to help find their dog, do not help and run to the nearest safe location.

*Try to remember what the suspect(s) look like and the vehicle they drove.   However, the first priority is to get away and get to a safe place.

*Report anything suspicious to the police as quickly as possible and provide as much detail as you can.