Blake's 'Lite Cider' debuts this weekend, available on store shelves soon

Posted at 11:14 AM, Aug 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-21 22:32:39-04

ARMADA, Mich. (WXYZ) — Blake's Hard Cider is debuting its new line of "lite ciders" this weekend during its annual Cider Dayze festival. The hard ciders will have zero net sugar and only 100 calories.

They'll be available in three flavors – lime mojito, mixed berry and apple – and after debut, will hit stores shelves in early September, beginning with Meijer locations. It's also available on tap at Blake's Tasting Room in Armada.

Like the company's full line of hard ciders, the lite ciders are all-natural, gluten-free and made from a five-apple blend of fresh-pressed Michigan apples which were grown and harvested on Blake's 800-acre orchard. They have no artificial flavors or sweetenings, and are the first of its kind by an independent cidery in Michigan.

The company is hoping they will be an answer to the hard seltzer craze that has hit the United States.

“Fans of our hard cider have asked for a low-carb and calorie option and we listened and delivered with Blake’s Lite Cider with real fruit, 100 percent fresh-pressed apple cider as our base, that are a ‘fit’ for the hard seltzer drinker, cider lover, wine enthusiast and beyond,” said Andrew Blake, owner and founder of Blake’s Hard Cider. “We’re able to keep the calories low and the sugar at zero by using real ingredients, fermenting out the natural apple sugars, and carbonating with water. It’s not a complex process when you have fresh fruit surrounding you.”

The ciders will have 5 percent ABV and will be sold in a variety pack with 12-ounce slim cans. After debuting at Meijer and Kroger in Michigan, they'll be available throughout the company's 18-state footprint, starting at $10.99.

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