Chelsea Clinton campaigns for Hillary Clinton in East Lansing

Posted at 5:13 AM, Sep 22, 2016

Chelsea Clinton made a campaign stop for her mom at Michigan State University.

The presidential candidate’s daughter was greeted by a crowd of nearly 500 people, mostly students at the student union.

"I do think this is the most important presidential election my lifetime because everything I care most about is at stake,” Clinton told the crowd.

Hillary Clinton’s daughter talked about college affordability and her mother’s plans to make community college and most state college free for students.

She also took questions from the crowd.

Students who spoke with 7 Action News said they were pleased with her visit.

"I felt like she was providing a message I really need to hear, in that it was really powerful, especially on a college campus, when they're talking about college affordability and issue like that.” said student, Danny Kaplowitz.

"I liked how she in engaged in our questions, I really liked hearing what people had to say and her response to that she had really good response,” said student, Kelsey Trotter.

One of the crowd questions touched on racism and Islamophobia.  Clinton said her mother and Donald Trump’s approach to these issues is a defining difference between their campaigns.

"We all need to call out the Islamophobia the and racism and the sexism, all of those often kind of get wrapped up together from what he hear from Mr. Trump and his campaign,” said Clinton.

In our one-on-one interview with Clinton, she even called Trump’s words dangerous.

"The rhetoric from Mr. Trump around Muslims and around Muslim America is really dangerous and that it feeds right into ISIS recruitment videos, literally,” said Clinton.