Dan Gilbert and Multiplatinum Producer Che Pope launches music company for metro Detroit musicians

Music company looking to break barriers in Detroit's music scene
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Posted at 11:48 AM, Jan 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-12 11:48:32-05

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) — They are calling themselves a music-based lifestyle company. Wednesday morning WRKSHP, launched in Detroit's Capitol Park.

Multi-platinum Producer Che Pope and Billionaire Dan Gilbert are both founders of the company, and their mission is to help amplify emerging artists and bring transparency to an outdated system designed to take advantage of artists, according to the press release.

WRKSHP says they seek to upend the traditional exploitative industry model by building an infrastructure where artists can develop and thrive within their careers.

CEO of WRKSHP Che Pope says, "Instead of signing artists to these '360-degree' deals, WRKSHP will partner with and educate creatives so they profit share from revenues derived from their intellectual property and most effectively monetize their art."

The mission of the new music company is to help establish artists and their brands. The press release states that WRKSHP's contracts include talent development, management, content production, marketing, and promotion.

"Che is a renaissance man whose life's work culminates through WRKSHP's bold vision. Detroit's deep-rooted history in moving the world through global multi-genre musical contributions makes it the natural choice for our headquarters," says Dan Gilbert. "Music is the compass that connects people toward a collective path. Detroit, more than any city, validates that bond across many generations. Arts and culture are the catalysts that ignite renaissance cities."

WRKSHP says they aspire to contribute to Detroit's creative community by signing and collaborating with local artists. The music company will also host educational workshops, produce talent shows, and attract industry executives through concerts and festivals.

"Success looks like Detroit re-cementing itself as one of the premier music cities of the world and establishing WRKSHP as a leading music powerhouse in the industry built alongside our multi-genre artist roster," says Pope.