Dangerous street racing has neighbors fearing for their safety

Posted at 9:56 PM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-15 06:55:56-04

Residents in a Hamtramck neighborhood are concerned about dangerous drivers on their streets, they say it’s been an ongoing issue.

Catherine Roach captured video of one of the incidents happening right in front of her home and on the corner.

You can see a car speed down her street and another do a donut on the corner of Norwalk and Lumpkin.

"It's loud, I can't sit in my own house in peace, the smoke from the burning tires is obnoxious and I'm worries some little kid is going to get hit,” said Roach.

She lives on Norwalk Street and she said this has been an issue all summer long.

"If that guy last night had lost control, he would have hit a crowd of about 30 people,” said Roach.

Even while our 7 Action News cameras were rolling, a vehicle that appeared to be the same one from Roach’s video showed back up on Norwalk Street, revving the engine and burning rubber.

Roach isn’t alone in her concern, other neighbors said they are seeing this issue too.

"A few of the cars I recognize quite a bit,” said resident, Alex Orlikowski.

He’s also worried someone might get hurt.

"In my opinion it's not going to stop until someone gets hurt and that's unfortunate,” said Orlikowski.
On Sunday night, Roach called Hamtramck police.  They did arrive and told her they were going to look for the drivers.

7 Action News stopped by the department and no one was available for comment, but our cameras caught an officer patrolling the area after our visit.

Roach said she hasn’t seen many officers patrolling the area in general, the way she has in years past, and she hopes they step up patrols to keep the dangerous driving in check.

"We've hardly seem at all and my neighbors, I was asking them, they haven't seen them either,” said Roach.

Bottom line, she doesn’t want to see anyone seriously injured.

"There's always kids running across the streets, chasing a ball or running for the ice cream truck and not looking and you see how parked up it is, you're not going to see them until the last minute going that fast and somebody is going to get killed,” said Roach.