Detroit Mayor encourages the immunocompromised to get a booster shot amid the rise in COVID-19 cases

Posted at 6:04 AM, Aug 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-27 06:05:31-04

DETROT, MI (WXYZ) — Now that the CDC has recommended a third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine to increase protection from the virus, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan is urging eligible Detroiters to get in line to roll up their sleeves—again.

Those with compromised immune systems are now eligible for a booster shot.

"September 20, everybody ought to be getting the third shot," Duggan said. "But right now, if you have something about your body that makes you more vulnerable to infection you can get in at any one of these 10 locations."

Those locations include the TCF Center and the Northwest Activities Center in Detroit and Metro-Detroiters are already out seeking their third dose.

"Well I'm a cancer patient and that brought me in," Cassandra Williams said. "It was fast. Yes. it was real quick. Everybody needs to come get their shots and mask up."

William got her third Pfizer shot.

Last week, TCF Center became the first site to offer the third dose to the city’s immunocompromised. So far 2000 Detroiters have already gotten a booster here. And this comes at a critical time.

The delta variant continues to spread in Michigan and Mayor Duggan has warned of another wave if case numbers keep rising.

"Florida's August is going to be Michigan before the end of fall," Duggan said.

According to Mayor Duggan, hospitalizations have almost tripled from 35 in the hospital to nearly 90.

Just under 35 percent of Detroiters 12 and older are fully vaccinated, a growing concern as we head into fall.

Last week the CDC calling this “the pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

"The higher vaccination rate, the less cases we see. And it doesn't take a brain surgeon to put one and one together."

500 doses are given out at the TCF Center daily.

Right now, boosters are available for Pfizer and Moderna. Duggan says Johnson&Johnson booster would be available here after FDA approval.