Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan to focus on future challenges for State of the City address

Posted at 4:24 PM, Feb 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-26 15:53:14-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Mayor Mike Duggan says he's extremely enthusiastic about his upcoming State of the City speech and plans to cover topics from public safety, to business and even plans to save money on the cost of auto insurance.

“Companies who are coming here are succeeding, and I expect them to keep coming here," Duggan said. "Sixteen new business (opened) on Livernois near 7 Mile, East Warren, East Jefferson. This is exciting.”

The mayor is proud of attracting new businesses to the city of Detroit. He's also as focused as ever on removing blight.

“We’ve taken down 21,000 abandoned houses," Duggan said. "And 9,000 vacant houses, we’ve actually renovated and moved families in.”

Ahead of his next State of the City speech, Duggan says to expect to hear a lot about public safety, including hiring 400 police officers and even a ground breaking cadet program.

“(They'll make) $42,000 starting salary in July," Duggan said. "We’ve also established a cadet program (at) $15 an hour to come to police headquarters, learn procedures, do ride-alongs and go to fitness classes.”

The mayor says he's also passionate about saving Detroiters' money on car insurance rates. Residents currently pay among the highest rates in the nation. Duggan says the challenge will be raising awareness about new laws, but he's committed to getting the word out.

“It could be hundreds of dollars but you have a to act," Duggan said. "I’m actually going to put an insurance bill on the screen, and show people on July 2 how you can act to get rates down.”

And Detroiters like Eddie May Patterson also want young peope to have a better shot at a bright future with more activies provided by the city. She says she's inspired learning more than 30 rec centers will be open this summer.

“(It's) making something out of the city of Detroit,” she said.

Duggan adds that he's excited about the direction the city is going.

“I’m excited about our children having a place to go," he said. "We’re going to have the golf tournament, auto show, Grand Prix, fireworks. (It will be a) spectacular June in Detroit.”

You can watch Duggan's complete State of the City address above.