Detroit mayoral candidates cast votes on Election Day

Posted at 12:43 PM, Nov 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-07 12:44:37-05

It was quite the start to the morning for each of the Detroit mayoral candidates, greeting the media as they cast their ballots.

Mayor Mike Duggan was at the River House Apartments polling location by 7:30 a.m., telling 7 Action News he is excited for tonight’s results. ”I’ve worked really hard for the past four years and in about 12 hours I'm going to get a report card from the people I work for.”

Less than two miles away Michigan Senator Coleman A. Young II was casting a ballot like his father the late Coleman A. Young did 44 years ago today.

"He taught me you know when you say something mean it, look a person in the eye, leave the situation better than when you found it so hopefully I think he'd be proud of me."

Both men say they have what it takes to continue the city's recovery from the 2009 recession and auto bailout and the 2014 bankruptcy.

They also recognize the progress made building up downtown must now extend outward.

"I think the city is in a very different place than it was four years ago and I think there are a lot of jobs coming back, a lot of people being hired and I think we can get the recovery of downtown and mid-town and spread it through the neighborhoods in the next four years and that's what I'm going to do,” said Duggan.

"I want to put our people back to work rebuilding our roads and tearing down these abandoned buildings and building up our water infrastructure. I also want to make sure that we keep our people safe, you've got too many mothers that are burying their sons, too many fathers burying their daughters, too many family members burying their loved ones,” said Young.

Both men say they will spend some time today at the polls campaigning, until they close at 8 p.m.