Detroit Pit Crew needs help paying $70,000 in vet bills

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jun 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-06-21 17:22:59-04

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Detroit Pit Crew dog rescue opened a facility a few months ago to help with their mission: getting pups off the streets.

So far this year, they’ve racked up a record number in vet bills.

7 Action News reporter Syma Chowdhry talked to the organization’s director, Theresa Sumpter, about their latest rescue and why they need donations.

Dixie May is Detroit Pit Crew’s 228th rescue this year.

“Literally, one of the sweetest dogs we picked up this year,” Sumpter said.

She was found wandering on Detroit’s west side Thursday morning.

“Dixie is still not feeling 100% but she is feeling a little better than she did.”

Between her care and the other 227 dogs, the organization saw a record breaking $70,000 in veterinary costs so far this year. On average - the rescue faces about $9,000 in vet bills a month. That number jumped this year because they saved many dogs that were in critical condition.

“Our bills are astronomical,” she explained. “Not only are we paying for a mortgage here on this building but we are also paying for vet bills.”

Their Center Line building is their first facility. It’s not a shelter. They use it as a temporary decompressing space for dogs to be evaluated and given bathes.

“We love to see dogs on couches not cages.”

The facility also has a garage which helps them unload newly rescued, scared pups out of crates.

“We can safely get the dog out. It’s a lot less stressful on the dog.”

Sumpter is hoping donations will help cover costs so they can continue to save dogs.

“We have no paid employees, so all the donations go directly to the care of the dogs or helping us maintain this building.”

In the meantime, Dixie is happy to get some love and care until she’s ready to be adopted.

“She did not want to be a stray dog, she wants to be a star.”

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