Detroit Tigers home opener unaffected so far as MLB cancels start of season

Posted at 6:19 AM, Mar 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-02 06:24:40-05

(WXYZ) — Regular season games are now being cut from the Major League Baseball season schedule due to the ongoing labor dispute.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred canceled the first two series of the season, ultimately delaying opening day and the home openers for some teams.

The league and players couldn't come to an agreement on Tuesday after days of talks.

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While the first two series were canceled, the Detroit Tigers home opener is not yet canceled as they were going to open the season on the west coast. The first home game of the season is scheduled for Friday, April 8 against the Chicago White Sox.

"In a $10 Billion industry, the owners have made a conscious decision to use this weapon against the greatest they have, the players," Tony Clark, a former Tigers player and currently with the MLB Players Association, said.

The players and the league met for hours after extending the deadly to Tuesday evening. The result – the first two series of the season canceled, not postponed.

For the Tigers, that means no trip to Seattle or Oakland to face the Mariners or Athletics.

In a show of solidarity with impacted fans, Detroit City FC is saying they have set aside tickets for every home match this month and in April for MLB season and Opening Day ticket holders.

Former Detroit players and members of the Players Association, including Andrew Miller, Tony Clark and Max Scherzer weighed in on the lockdown.

"This is not just about shifting pieces of the pie around. This is about getting the game that we love to work and operate as best as it can," Miller said. "Let us focus on what we'd like to do, and that's compete."

Much of the negotiations have focused on boosting base pay and opportunity for younger players.

"We offered to raise the minimum salary to $700,000, an increase of $130,000 from last year," Manfred said.

According to Manfred, they also offered to create a $30 million bonus pool for the league's best young players. The Players Union wants $725,000 base pay with more increases down the line.

"We still feel there are dollars to be allocated towards them that would fairly compensate their contributions on the field, moreso than what's on the table at this point," Scherzer said.

More games could be on the chopping block if the lockdown continues. Manfred said those players won't get paid for those unplayed games.

The Players Union disagrees with that, saying if a deal is reached, payment for the games would be necessary. Talks will now move to New York, but nothing is scheduled.