Did rapper Cardi B deserve to receive Spirit of Detroit award?

Posted at 6:24 AM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 06:24:31-04

A beef between rappers lit up social media after one was honored by the City of Detroit.

Rapper Cardi B was presented with the Spirit of Detroit Award over the weekend. People were complaining that she's not from Detroit.

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But Detroit City Council President Brenda Jones issued a statement saying her office received a request to honor Cardi B. for her achievement as a top female rapper from radio station 107.5.

That award, after it was presented, had some on social media confused. A quick Twitter search shows people questioning why she got it and asking about her ties to the city. 

Other Detroit artists like rapper Royce da 5'9" jumped on board. 

"I love Cardi B just like everyone else, but Cardi B don't know $#!T about the spirit of Detroit." 

Detroit rapper Kash Doll herself weighing in on twitter: 

The city's website says any council member can request the award for any person for outstanding achievement or service to the citizens of Detroit.