Downriver water quality concerns grow as pets reported sick

Posted: 11:36 PM, Jan 15, 2017
Updated: 2017-01-16 11:19:48-05

Water quality concerns are growing Downriver Sunday night after about 10 dogs were reported sick at an animal foster home.

Trina Knibbs, of the Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue in Melvindale, said although the dogs were separated, they all got the same bacterial infection.

"Probably about 5 this morning I heard puking in the pens," Knibbs said. "Not ten minutes later, another puppy had puked."

Knibbs said she rushed the dogs to a vet's office, who diagnosed them with a bacterial infection.

The Great Lakes Water Authority said it has been receiving several reports from Downriver residents about strange odors in their water, but insists the water is safe to drink.

"The Great Lakes Water Authority (GLWA) recognizes downriver residents’ concerns regarding water taste and odor issues. The Authority wants to assure our customer communities that it is committed to providing water of unquestionable quality. The GLWA continuously tests the water it produces to ensure that it meets regulatory standards. When taste and odor issues were raised in a number of downriver communities, GLWA expanded its testing, increasing the number of samples being taken at the Southwest Water Treatment Facility, which serves these communities. Results of this scaled up testing reinforce that regulatory water standards are being achieved, and that the water is safe." -Cheryl Porter, COO, GLWA

Some local state lawmakers are airing on the side of caution, and urging residents to periodically run their taps and use bottled water for cooking, drinking and brushing teeth.