Dozens of Detroit firefighters recognized for life-saving efforts

Posted at 12:04 PM, Feb 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 12:38:31-05

DETROIT (WXYZ) — A ceremony was held Tuesday for dozens of Detroit firefighters recognized for their life-saving efforts.

Officials say one of the citations awarded involved an apartment fire that happened on Thanksgiving where responding crews saved several lives that night.

A fire broke out on Redford near McNichols, and according to Galina Glyshaw, she was in her apartment when she smelled smoke. It was coming from next door.

"I hear outside somebody screaming 'fire fire' and when I walked and I look at this apartment people were inside. Husband and wife," Glyshaw said.

Nashanique Webster says she and several other firefighters responded to that fire. On the second floor, crews found a 66-year-old woman suffering from second and third burns.

"She had burns all over her body immediately to the point I was worried about touching her because she had so many burns," said Webster. "But I knew it would be a better situation getting her out then what she was feeling.”

Webster says another woman was trapped in her apartment, and crews went through the flames to get her out.

"You’re trying to do it so you never know when it’s going to happen. I’m fairly new on the job, so immediately you go back to your training and what you learned.”

Detroit Fire Commissioner Eric Jones says multiple people were saved that night. That's why those firefighters received citations today. This is a first for Webster. She's glad her department was able to help.