Family friend speaking out after Troy police say woman was killed by her nephew

Posted at 10:14 PM, Nov 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 00:31:49-05

A family friend is speaking out after police say a woman was brutally killed Monday in Troy by her nephew with a dumbbell.

The victim’s family is trying to make sense of it all. Why was a prominent doctor in the community so violently murdered, and what sparked this incident to get so out of control?

"It’s a tragedy, (a) brutal situation," said MD Alam, a family friend.

It was just after 2:30 p.m. Monday afternoon when Troy police received a 911 call about a woman’s body found in the basement of a home in the 6500 block of Shoreline.

"We are in grief," Alam said. "We are in pain and suffering. We are in a situation that we lost a very contributing citizen who brought a lot to contribute to the community."

Officers finding the victim, Dr. Rubab Ferdous Huq, bloodied on the basement floor. She was the mother of two boys and raised them herself for the past 15 years after her husband died of cancer.

Police say the suspect fled the scene sparking a brief manhunt. Officers later found the suspect and arrested him in the same area a little more than an hour later.

"We really have no idea, no motive," Alam said. "The family members are really really close. They are also not disclosing any information."

The 20-year-old Troy man was taken into custody on suspicion of killing his aunt with an exercise dumbbell.

"It was a dispute, but we really don’t know what the dispute is about and next thing we know is there is a homicide," Alam said.

Now, those close to the family are left wondering why and holding on to memories of their beloved aunt.

"We are here to share their pain and suffering and to their perspective in the future, whatever they need, we as a community will be standing for them," Alam said.

Dr. Ferdous Huq leaves behind two children. This is the first homicide in Troy in the city since 2016.