First deputy officer to wear hijab hired at the Wayne County Jail

Posted at 5:03 PM, Jun 10, 2016

Wayne County Jail just hired their first hijab-wearing deputy officer. The 27-year-old woman hopes to be an inspiration, not just for other Muslims, but for all women.

If you, unfortunately, find yourself in the Wayne County Jail, you should be so lucky to have Marzana Ali as your deputy officer.

"Environment like that you need positivity," said Ali.

She just graduated from the academy and started work Monday.

"I just one day decided to do it and see how it goes and so far I love it."

She is the first hijab-wearing deputy officer in Wayne County.

"When I was in the academy, I asked them right off the bat: will my hijab be a problem? If it's going to be an issue? I need to know right away. Everyone was fine with it."

The jail created policies for wearing a headscarf with the uniform.

It has to be black or dark brown, tucked in and cannot have pins in it.

She says wearing a hijab is a choice she stands by.

"It gives me a sense of pride, a sense of joy, a sense of commitment to my faith."

Her first day at work was also the first day of Ramadan, so she was fasting.

"First day was so much fun welcoming arms, smiling faces." They were like, 'you can do this.' We have no doubt in you," she explained. "So much to learn, so much to know, it went by so quick I didn't even feel it."

She is a wife and a mother to her 2-year-old daughter, Maya. She hopes she can be an inspiration to her and other girls.

"Any woman, hijabi or non-hijabi, to go out there and succeed. In whatever field they want to. Because that's you. You shouldn't be restricted on anything."

Ali she has never been discriminated against and hope it continues to be that way.

"You never judge a book by its cover. You never know what that person has to offer."

Before becoming a deputy officer, Ali had previously worked at the jail as a pharmacy technician.

She hopes to continue her education and become a pharmacist at the jail.