Broken bathrooms cause problems in local school

Posted at 5:13 AM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 05:13:28-05

If you’re a parent you know that when kids say they have to go potty they have to go.

So, you can imagine the frustration of elementary school teachers in a building with bathrooms out of order.

One teacher says she is fed up, tired of telling her class- there is nowhere in the building you can go to the bathroom. You have to wait.

Katrice Robinson took video of the bathrooms at Marquette Elementary and Middle School on Detroit’s eastside.  She teaches 3rd grade.

Because the bathrooms are out of order, she has to run to a neighboring building with the entire class - when kids have to go potty.

She says the problem started before Thanksgiving. Sewage started leaking from pipes on the second floor.

As for parents, one mom says her daughter definitely isn’t learning in these conditions.

“She’s distracted. She said it smelled like sewage and when it came time for lunch, she saw rats,” says Gaybrell Bennett.

7 Action News called the Detroit Public School District for answers. A spokesperson said crews are working to fix the bathrooms ASAP.

As for why classes weren’t moved?

The district says kids can use one of two staff bathroom downstairs - but teachers say its always being used.

It isn’t enough for hundreds of kids.

7 Action News called the city to find out if it violated code. A mechanical inspector responded and found no mechanical violations. 

Right now a plumbing inspector is looking into whether the bathroom situation violates code.
City officials say the rule is 1 bathroom must be available for every 50 building occupants.

A spokesperson for the district tells 7 Action News that, considering the work that needs to be done - it is being repaired quickly.

Contractors expect work will be done by Thursday.