Gov. reviews bill that may ease teacher shortage

Posted at 6:40 PM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 18:40:25-05

7 Action News stories appear to have captured the attention of lawmakers.

House Bill 4059, which would allow some retired school employees to return to the classroom when there is a critical need, is now on the way to the Governor’s desk.

The bill would change a law that requires teachers and other employees to sacrifice their pensions and health benefits if they, after a period of time in retirement, take a position in another school. 

This law impacts teachers even looking for short time work in areas where there is extreme need.

7 Action News has told numerous stories of kids without teachers in their classrooms. Districts say they are dealing with a statewide teacher shortage. Inner-city schools are the most severely impacted.

As we covered the issue, we found lawmakers had been sitting on the legislation for more than a year that would allow some retired teachers to help fill the need.

We started knocking on doors asking why. 

The next day the Senate passed the bill unanimously. The House passed it today.

"The governor supports the concept because we want to make sure students have access to great teachers in critical areas,” said David Murray, Deputy Press Secretary for Gov. Snyder.  "We also need to give the bill a thorough review before making a determination on whether it will be signed into law."

Experts say it is only one part of the solution to the teacher shortage facing our state. 

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