Security officers back at work at DPS schools

Posted at 7:50 PM, Jan 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-13 19:50:49-05

7 Action News told you earlier this month that security guards at many elementary and middle schools in Detroit were laid off. 

Teachers and parents criticized the district. They said they needed the security guards. No emergency plans were put in place for schools who lost guards. There was inadequate technology in place to watch secure some schools without the guards

Today, workers returned to schools to learn the security guards are back.

At Carver Elementary Middle School kids presented the guard they call Officer Newsome with a giant “Welcome Back!” poster.

“It is wonderful to be back,” said Taji Newsome. “I love my job. I know I am needed.”

“He was like a celebrity this morning, so thanks Channel 7 for airing our situation, because of course that helped to get him back here,” said Tricia Barnes, an English Language Arts Instructional Specialist at the school.

The district says it is putting security guards back into the building while we ensure that their door entry security systems are fully functioning.

Workers and parents say they hope the district decides to keep them permanently.

“We noticed a difference without him,” said Barnes. "He watches out for the kids as they come and go from school. He watches out for staff as we come and go to our cars. He makes sure people coming in the building are supposed to be here.”